HIps, hEat & Flow | all levels

Renew and Restore with this class, designed to work the deeper levels of the body/heart/mind: our connective tissues of the ligaments, fascia, joints, bones and energetic channels of the meridians, nerves, & blood system.  During this class, a distinct focus is placed on opening your hips –  which are the foundation of our anatomy and most crucial to our overall health and wellbeing.  Join us today. 

Hot 26 | Bikram Style | ALL LEVELS

Our signature HOT class is practiced in a heated room (103-105 degrees) laced in a 90-minute asana sequence comprised of 26 to 30+ asanas (postures)  intended to purify and cleanse the mind, body and soul. This is a dynamic class suited for beginners and experienced students alike, with an astute emphasis on proper alignment, breath flow and precise movement intended to increase your endurance, flexibility, strength, and concentration. Students of any level are encouraged and welcome.


Hot Flow incorporates our signature hot yoga sequence, with an emphasis on the importance of dynamic breath flow to link one asana to the next. Perfect for beginners and advanced students, much attention is focused on accurate alignment, core strength, concentration, mindfulness, breath control and refinement of the fundamentals to move beyond the limitations of the body and mind.

Power Flow | all levels

As the name says, it’s a Power Class when your schedule only allows 60 minutes. It’s the perfect Yoga Class for balancing life’s demands, while taking some “you” time. The sequences are shorter, but no less intense! Each Power Yoga class features a vinyasa-based sequence of asanas, whereby the asanas (postures)  flow from one to the next with an ever-changing format. The room is heated to approximately 90 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Whether you prefer a Baron Baptiste. Ana Forrest, Shiva Rae, Astanga, or Anusara style of yoga, this is your class.

strength & endurance flow | ALL LEVELS

This a perfect class for beginners looking to strengthen, or athletes eager to gain strength, reduce injury, and increase performance. This class is curated by an experienced and wise, trainer/bodybuilding record holder/ Psychotherapist / Registered Yoga Teacher, and it consists of a sequential and thoughtful sequence of asanas that address the areas where so many of us often have limitations.  Specifically, postures to mobilize your hamstrings, decompress your vertebrae, assist in relieving inflammation caused by relieving a tight IT band, to allow deeper hip flexion and rotation.  The class will also help you increase your ability to maintain thoracic extension in both seated and squatting positions with a reduction in low back pain.  You will become stronger and more supple with the help of this class.  Beginners and athletes alike are encouraged to join us. 


This is a class where the inaccessible becomes the accessible as it relates to approaching challenging asanas (postures) with an open mind, a playful heart, and a precise plan of progressions under the guidance of a gifted, humble, compassionate, encouraging teacher. The sequencing in this class enables you to move through a strong vinyasa flow from one direction to another (vertically & horizontally). If a pose proves too advanced you will be encouraged to work the pose in its easier form. Emphasis on pranayama (breath) is a key component to this class, as the purpose of practice is energy, not form. This is a unique class, a full bodied practice designed for practitioners with an established asana practice.  You will be encouraged to use arm balances, pranayama, inversions, twists, strong standing balances to open the channels of energy in the body.  Prepare to enhance your strength, concentration, stamina while deepening your physical practice and mental focus - and transformation is likely.  Yoga practitioners with an eagerness to learn and grow, welcomed. 


This 75min class flows at a medium to vigorous pace.  It is available to all levels of a yoga practitioner, but recommended to students who have some previous yoga experience.  This fluid class helps to increase balance, flexibility, endurance and strength allowing the student to develop an increased connection between the breath and movement.

Wake Up & Flow Level I & II

We’re giving you a reason to wake up early to celebrate your day!  This Vinyasa Flow class is 60-minutes of sheer energy and bliss coupling creative sequencing, breath flow, and a wild playlist for an invigorating power-laced start to your day. This class will warm the body, calm the mind and open the heart. The asanas vary from day to day but always include a variety of breath centered warm-ups, standing pose sequences, heart opening backbends, cleansing twists and deep forward bends. The class culminates in a shared savasana, leaving you feeling wide awake and free to start your day. If you are looking for a transition from Hot to Power, and everything in between, this class is for you! All levels welcome.



Find the class level and speed that best suits your needs!