Our story began in 2000 as one of the first 3 yoga studios in Atlanta. We have evolved and flourished over the years and are now a team of 20 forward thinking yoga & wellness trailblazers. We look backwards to learn, and our longevity equates to a depth of wisdom and experience we share with our students.

Yoga & wellness is our wheelhouse.  We love what we do. We encourage others to work on their insides more than their outsides. We do the same. We value self-awareness. We are transformation seekers, conspiring to help others flourish. We flow, chant, meditate | often speak in Sanskrit | and play.  And, we make great strides to not take ourselves too seriously.

We value diversity and welcome students from all walks of life. Whether you handstand or place your feet behind your head with ease, we always encourage a ‘beginner’s mind’ in yoga practice.

We believe integrity is life’s highest virtue. And, we believe in providing great service for our students. Our yoga community is a blend of new friends and old, and everyone receives our whole heart and bountiful attention.

We prescribe to the motto that ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’.  We value purity of habitat and heart.  Ours is a sacred space. We perpetually clean, clear and create an aromatic panacea of essential oils plus burning sage/ incense as methods of purification for greater healing, wisdom, and clarity in the lives of our students.

We believe we are all a spark of the same consciousness. We dream of a peace-laden, hunger-free world filled with whole + happy yogis creating positive social change. Our aim is to give back. 

Join us soon. People tell us they come for | our version of yoga | and stay for everything else.