Do you offer specials or discounted classes for new students?

Yes, we offer all new students a 10-Day Unlimited Class Card for $35.

What do I bring?

We provide mat and towel rentals for $2 each. Please bring water, and if you forget we sell water for $4/bottle. We also provide a filtered water fountain for free fill ups, yoga blocks and blankets and Pilates rings as needed.

What do I wear?  

We suggest wearing exercise clothing that will help you move and breathe comfortably. You will break a sweat! Most first timers opt for (women...) tank top, breathable leggings, (men...) athletic shorts and shirts are optional. Bare feet in studio.

Must I pre-register, and if so how far in advance?

Class Pre-registration is not required, but encouraged.  Workshop pre-registration is encouraged as we often reach our 75 person studio capacity.  You may purchase classes online, individually or with discounts on packages and monthly memberships.  Click HERE to see our class pricing. 

Do you offer monthly memberships?  

We sure do.  Click HERE to see monthly membership pricing?

Do you have showers?  

Yes, we offer showers in both men's and women's spacious changing rooms along with cubbies to store your belongings.

Will I be penalized for canceling my reservation?

If you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of class, it is considered a "Late Cancel" and you will be charged for the class. If you cancel before that 24 hour period, you will not be charged and that credit will be returned to your account for future use.

Should I arrive early?

Yes, we suggest arriving at least 10 minutes early to check in so we can help you get settled on your mat. If you arrive late you run the risk of losing your spot to someone on the waitlist. With the interest of the group experience in mind, generally students are not permitted to enter class 10 minutes after start time.

 Do you have gift cards?

Absolutely, give the gift of a deep sweat, mental clarity, community, and transformation.  You may purchase a gift card via phone (number here), in-studio or online Click HERE to purchase a gift card online. 

Must I be ‘in shape’ to participate?

Depending on the class you attend, yoga practice can be a vigorous workout but people of all fitness levels are welcome to participate. Our instructors cue students to listen to their bodies and work at their own pace. All classes are open level, and with every class you will realize that you are much stronger than you thought.